Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
CEC-WYS Seminar on Responsible Conduct of research and Scientific Communication 23-27 January 2006, Bratislava, Slovakia



The second CEC-WYS Seminar on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scientific Communication will take place in the beautiful setting of Smolenice Congress Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (http://www.kcsmolenice.sav.sk/en/). The seminar is organised within the framework of the European Project CEC-WYS (www.cec-wys.org) for early career researchers – women and men.

The objectives of the seminar are:

  • to provide young researchers with the opportunity to exchange ideas and views related to issues in the Conduct of Science – in particular gender issues in science, project and knowledge management, ethics and supervision-, to reflect on their own practice as researchers, mentors, supervisors and teachers and to obtain further training in these areas.
  • to allow all participants to benefit from the experience of their colleagues for the conduct of their research projects and their career development - in particular through practical hands-on workshops providing training in soft skills.
  • to allow participants to meet with experts from different countries and to network.

The five-day seminar comprises of:


  • One half-day issue session. Experts will provide the conceptual and practical framework of the seminar, dealing with issues like the communication of science, gender issues in research projects, ethics in the conduct of research, knowledge and project management.
  • Two workshops -held in parallel, each involving 8 researchers and facilitated by an interdisciplinary team of experts-researchers. Participants will be invited to work on their own research projects, addressing practical problems, ranging from developing arguments to communicate the scientific and social interest of their research to ethics and the art of supervision. Facilitators will enhance dialogue, reflexivity, collective learning. In the process, participants are expected to develop and build “transferable and soft” skills.
  • One half-day session on Written Communication: practical exercises will be conducted using participants’ written productions (abstracts, summaries, posters, introductions of scientific paper or proposals) with a final written exercise in the form of the abstract of a scientific paper or of a research proposal. The written productions will be reviewed collectively.
  • One full-day session on Career development, addressing the following issues: defining career goals, exploring skills and competencies, identifying development needs, action planning.

Participating researchers are expected to

  • Send written documents presenting their research projects in the form of abstracts, summaries, full-length papers, posters, research proposals. Photocopies of extracts will be made with the agreement of authors, to be used as support material for group work. Confidential material will not be used.
  • Bring to the venue posters as supports for information and material for discussion.
  • Prepare questions on issues they want to be addressed. Questions can be sent in advance to marie-claude.roland@wanadoo.fr

Applications are from five countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The selection process is underway; the deadline for application is October 15. Successful applicants will be informed via email.
Participation details
Trips, accommodation and meals are covered within the framework of the CEC-WYS European project. Further details will be available at www.cec-wys.org and www.reflexives-lpr.org 


Seminar organisers
Marie-Claude ROLAND, Linguistics and Research Practices Unit, Coordinator of Young Researchers’ Training Programme, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA-Paris, France), marie-claude.roland@wanadoo.fr, roland@paris.inra.fr,

Eszter Papp, EU and Quality Manager, Tudomanyos es Technologiai Alapitvany, Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation,  Budapest, Hungary,  eszter.papp@tetalap.hu



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