Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation (HSTF)




The Hungary Science and Technology Foundation is a non-profit public foundation established by the Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs in 1994. HSTF's mission is to develop the international relations of the Hungarian R&D community, to participate in Hungary’s EU integration efforts by promoting activities in the field of science and technology and to facilitate the access of interested Hungarian parties to EU R&D funding. HSTF is currently responsible for the management of the Hungarian Office for Research and Development in Brussels. HSTF was the Hungarian EU FP5 liaison office for ”EESD” and ”QoL” and for the Central Hungary region. The office has developed contacts with scientists, research institutions, universities, enterprises, multiplier organisations and governmental agencies in Hungary (among them the Hungarian NCP-s) and abroad.

HSTF co-ordinated the FP5 INCO AM project HEURORA – Hungarian EU R&D oriented actions for raising awareness to generate Fp5 participation. It was partner in two ETI projects in the area of Quality of Life: PARTNERS FOR LIFE - The European Life Sciences Network for SMEs and FELLOWS FOR INDUSTRY - A New European Initiative for Cooperation of Academia and Industry, as well as in ETI projects running in other thematic fields (Freetime, Detectfraud). In the TRAIN-NET project, which targeted the exchange of experience & expertise and training of National Contact Points with particular focus on Candidate Countries HSTF was one of the workpackage leaders. Presently HSTF is workpackage leader in the ETHNIC – Raising public awareness of science & technology among ethnic minorities IHP AM project. In FP6 HSTF is partner in two projects that were accepted for contract negotiation by the EC, and co-ordinator of a specific support action with 26 partners, which is also in the negotiation phase. The Foundation is one of the two Bridgehead Mobility Centres in Hungary.


Description of staff involved in the project


Dora Groo, MD, PhD. is medical doctor by profession. She has published several papers in international scientific journals in this field. Since 1991 she has been the program manager of the U.S.-Hungarian Science and Technology Joint Fund. After the establishment of HSTF in 1994 she became the director of the foundation. Under her leadership the foundation significantly expanded its activities, growing from a two-member small office to a multifunctional organisation working in several fields of Hungary's international RTD relations. Her work was supported by her management studies, which resulted in an MBA degree in 2002. In 2002 she was appointed by EC- DG RTD to serve as a Project Technical Assistant for the FP5 QoL thematic programme. She is representing Hungary in the ENWISE STRATA ETAN expert group in the field of women and science.



EU and Quality Manager, HSTF: Eszter Papp, MSc. She received her MSc in Engineering and Management in the field of European Union studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). She is presently attending the PhD course of the Engineering Management Doctoral School in the field of Economic and Management Sciences at BUTE. Her specialisation is the management of international business operations and her research field is the integration of CEE research institutions into the European Research Area from the women in science perspective. She is a member of the HF Innovation Research Group of BUTE. She is fluent in English, German and Spanish. She has been working at HSTF since 2001. She is experienced in project management and proposal advisory service. She took part in the Young Scientists’ Workshop in Prague, April 2003.

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