Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE)




APRE is a non-profit organisation based in Italy that provides information, assistance and training in order to promote Italian participation in European research, development and technological innovation. APRE was created upon joint initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Commission and is supported by over 70 member organisations, which comprise public and private research centres, industries, industrial associations, chambers of commerce, science parks and 32 Universities. APRE has its head office in Rome and can count on a network of regional help desks covering the whole of Italy. Our free of charge services include: a help line, organisation of info-days, partner search, web-based information, publications and training sessions. APRE has been active in this sector since 1990.



APRE’s activities consist of providing information, assistance and training, and in particular:

  • information on EU research programmes - through various channels such as a help line for information by telephone, an Internet site, a periodic newsletter and a series of thematic dossiers, collaboration with numerous national and regional magazines, etc.;

  • individual assistance and consultation to potential participants on how to present research proposals;

  • organisation of workshops, info-days and seminars;

  • training courses.

We assist SMEs, large companies, universities and research centres in partner search and proposal submission. Our information and assistance services concern all areas and activities of the Framework Programme.

APRE has an ISO EN 9001:2000 certified quality system.


Role versus the Commission

Under FP6, APRE is National Contact Point for the programmes IST, Nanotech, Ecotech, SMEs and INCO. APRE provides the same activities also concerning all other programmes of the Framework Programme. APRE is a long-time member of the network of Innovation Relay Centres (previously Value Relay Centres).

APRE has acquired over 8 years’ of practical experience in support activities to DG Research and DG INF-SO of the European Commission, as partner in a successive series of international projects. These projects were funded under Framework Programmes 4 and 5 under the ”Innovation and SMEs” programme (or the then equivalent). A different type of international projects concerned activities such as studies, benchmarking, mutual training activities for National Contact Points and other intermediary organisations.


Description of staff involved in the project


Mrs. Diassina Di Maggio is a trained biologist with 18 years’ of experience in research. She joined APRE in 1993. She is the Director of APRE and will be co-ordinator for this project within APRE. She is engaged in the programme committee as national expert for the programme ”Research and Innovation”. Mrs. Di Maggio has co-ordinated and taken an active part in all of the above mentioned projects (15 ETI projects and Accompanying Measures in which APRE participated as partner during the 5th Framework Programme and many more previously) and has many years of experience in dealing with SMEs and related matters. Mrs. Di Maggio was formerly National Contact Point for the programme Quality of Life of FP5. She has acted as Focal Point for SMEs in Italy for the entire duration of the Fourth Framework Programme.


Monique Bossi
currently works at APRE. Following a University degree in Foreign Languages & Literature and a post-graduation masters in Economics, she has worked on European projects since 2000, in particular in the Energy and Environment sector. While working for APRE she has assisted in developing the projects presented by APRE within the ”Sustainable development, Global Change and Ecosystems” and the ”Science & Society” Priorities within the 6° Framework Programme as she attended the specific programmes .She is also responsible for the contractual and administrative aspects.







Antonella Rocchi is currently Technical Officer for APRE for CEC-WYS, Reginnet, Trainnet Future and Woodism European Projects. She was the Internal Consultant for SITECH Technological Park, Umbria in 2003. She graduated in Political Science at the University of Cagliari, in 2002. After graduating, she attended a master in European Programmes in Rome at the SIOI (Italian Society for International Organisation) that operates under the supervision of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. From July 2003 she worked in the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and was nominated National Contact Point for Citizens & Governance, International Co-operation, Science & Society in the Sixth Framework Programme of R&ST.

Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.