Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
work package 3 - framework programme evaluation

The European Commission has set a target for 40 percent representation of women in the expert evaluator boards. This work package will provide guidance and support for women who are qualified but not registered in the European Commission expert evaluator database, in the form of information leaflets and workshops.



Information will be provided to women scientists in the CEC-WYS countries on how to become a European Commission expert evaluator. Experiences of women who have already evaluated EC project proposals will be presented and sex-desegregated data on national participation in evaluation panels and in the database concerning each of the CEC-WYS countries will be published.



The contact points in the CEC-WYS countries will collect information on female expert evaluators in their respective countries. Based on this data obtained, the WP leader will conduct written interviews with the female experts asking them about the variety of issues related to being an expert evaluator of the EC. This information will be processed and published online.

Once this data is uploaded online, contact points will decide on a communication strategy aimed at attracting women to sign up as expert evaluators for FP6. After the completion of the campaign, it will be assessed and the rate of success will be evaluated. As this is not a one-time only event, such campaigns will be repeated throughout the duration of the project, most likely once a year.



  • preparation the information leaflet for potential women evaluators – March 2005

  • collection of information on female expert evaluators in each CEC-WYS country – September – November 2004

  • conduct of interviews with female expert evaluators – October – November 2004

  • organisation a 1-day workshop for women evaluators from CEC-WYS countries – 23. March 2005  read more...

  • uploading this information on the website – June 2005

Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.