Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
work package 6 - young scientists workshop report


Following the ”ENWISE workshop on Young Scientists” held in Prague, April 2003, this work package seeks to diversify the current discussion on young scientists by reporting on the events, discussion and feedback from the workshop, and drawing on analysis of the follow-up online questionnaire. The report will address issues such as brain drain/gain, work-life balance and mobility in order to provide material for policy-change recommendations at national and European level.



To prepare a report on the Young Scientists workshop and make recommendations based on the input from the workshop and from a 3-month online survey.



EC’s experts who participated at the workshop will be contacted to provide a written version of their presentations, and discussions from the workshop sessions will be transcribed. The questionnaire presented to the workshop participants will be developed and published for an additional period of three months online and contact points in the CEC-WYS countries will ensure dissemination of the information that this questionnaire is online for completion. After the period of three months, the questionnaires will be analysed. Based on the input from the afternoon discussion sections and the results of the questionnaire survey, preliminary results will be presented to the ENWISE expert group and EC’s Unit C-5 Women and Science and the Young Scientists final report will be presented at the ENWISE valorisation conference in September 2004.


Information on major EC documents concerning young people in science, projects for young people in science (e.g., mentoring) and useful links will also be collected and included in the report.



  • publication of a questionnaire survey online – April 2004
  • Young Scientists workshop report – September 2004
  • presentation of the Young Scientists report at the ENWISE valorisation conference – September 2004
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