Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
work package 8 – ENWISE follow-up


In 2002, the European Commission commissioned a report on the situation facing women scientists in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic states from the ENWISE group. In June 2004 the report was made available link, formulating recommendations to the European Union by highlighting actions that might need to be implemented in the 6th Framework Program and the work of the Helsinki Group on women and science. In this work package each project partner from Central Europe will function as a policy ”watchdog”, by measuring to what extent the recommendations of the ENWISE Group have been implemented at national level.



To establish contacts with national equal opportunities enforcement bodies, responsible ministries and self-administrative bodies. Based on the ENWISE final report  and its recommendations and the contacts established with the bodies above, monitor the fulfilment of the recommendations and prepare national reports in the national language and a summary report in English on defined key areas. These summary reports from each of the CEC-WYS countries will be delivered to the WP leader who will analyse them and write a summary report in English comparing the CEC-WYS country reports. This report along with the national summary reports will be then published in the final English report.



In response to the ENWISE report and recommendations, the project partners will identify problematic issues, and the WP leader with the partners will make a decision on which of the key areas and contents to be followed. The partners will report in the national language and write a summary report in English, which the WP leader will analyse and will write a comparative report for all the CEC-WYS countries. These reports will be published and submitted to Unit C-5 Women and Science of the European Commission, the national governments and bodies responsible or R&D and equal opportunities enforcement bodies.

Upon the completion of the report, a workshop will be organised with state administration representatives, ENWISE experts and representatives of the European Commission to report on the fulfilment of recommendations contained in the ENWISE report.



  • Report on the success of establishing contacts

  • Report on the key areas to be monitored

  • Report on the national level on monitoring the implementation of ENWISE recommendations

  • International comparative summary report

  • Report on the organised workshop

Expected results

The comparative report aims at raising awareness at international level and consequently influencing the national research environment. It is also envisioned that such comparison will help to map the equal opportunity policies in the region and create synergies in the region in implementing change on each particular issue.

Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.