Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
work package 9 – best practice manual

Based on the experience of co-ordinating CEC-WYS, the project co-ordinator will lead this work package in order to write a best practice manual to be used by other project co-ordinators establishing similar centres in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.



To prepare a 'best practice' manual based on the experience of the National Contact Centre - Women and Science in the Czech Republic and the launch of the CEC-WYS.


This manual will be a highly practical tool containing examples of good website and database building, successful communication and co-operation with public bodies, and workshop / seminar organisation.



Based on its previous experience, NKC-ZV will prepare a ‘best practice’ manual concerning the establishment of the Centre. This manual will focus on issues such as website building, database building, communication strategy, efficient communication with state administration and equal opportunities bodies, international co-operation, seminar and workshop organisation etc.


The exact content of the manual will be prepared in consultation with Unit C-5 Women and Science and the ENWISE experts. The manual will be published in the English language and will not be publicly accessible online. It will be distributed solely among the project partners and the European Commission for further dissemination to project co-ordinators who wish to create similar centres elsewhere in Europe.



  • Best practice manual – February 2005
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