Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
The project has been planned to provide basic training tools (in the English language) to increase participation of women in FP 6 activities and generally the participation of women and young scientists in research activities. These training tools which will be used during and after the completion of the project at national level. The website will be instrumental for achieving this goal and therefore all project results and materials are published on the CEC-WYS website for downloads by general public.


Monitoring women and science policy developments

In 2002, the European Commission commissioned a report on the situation facing women scientists in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic states from the ENWISE expert group. In June 2004 the report was made available, formulating recommendations to the European Union on women and science at national and European level.


The four Central European partners of the project served as "watchdogs" by  mapping, measuring and reporting to what extend the recommendations of the ENWISE Group have been implemented at national level. The reports are available here to download in the national language and English. The process of mapping and the end result contribute to lobbying for further improvements in the position of women in science at national level.


An international comparative report has also been created, available to download below.


Project Sourcebook

The Project Sourcebook: Sharing Experiences - Building Projects provides assistance and advice on project coordination and management based on the experience of CEC-WYS, of writing and submitting proposals for the European Commission under FP 6,.


Why Gender Matters - how to include gender dimension into research projects
The manual is designed to help researchers to explore whether their research is truly inbiased, and whether reswearch questions, methods and interpretations could benefit from being more precise in terms of women, men and gender issues. The manual and accompanying case study indicates ways of including the gender dimension into research projects and to designing more gender sensitive projects.



Science Policies Meet Reality conference project posters
The following posters were created by the cheap Oakley sunglasses, Oakley goggles, Oakley ski goggles project partners to raise awareness of the project themes and communicate objectives and results of project activities.

Mapping experiences of early career stage researchers - analysis of online questionnaire
CEC-WYS conducted a mapping exercise based on a questionnaire concerned with various issues concerning early stage career researchers. We are interested in the experience of scientists who have undertaken a fellowship, if and how they have benefited from the experience, and the process of reintegration. Questions also covered perceptions of the status of women in science, equal opportunities for men and women and experiences of discrimination. This publication presents the results of the analysis of the online questionnaire.



Nurturing or Frustrating Ambition? The position of young researchers in Central and Eastern Europe

Proceedings on the "Enwise workshop on young scientists" , which brought together a male and female national from ten Central and Eastern European countries in order to shed light on commonalities and differences in the experiences of young scientists from a region with a shared political history, which remains a significant determinant in the practice of science in the region. The report includes proceedings of the workshop and papers on the themes of the workshop.

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Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.