Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
CEC-WYS communication charter and key messages

The objective of communicating with women scientists is to open up discussion on issues which concern them directly, such as access to decision-making positions and advisory boards, balancing professional and private life and exclusion from networks. By opening up the discussion among many women, the individual scientists does not feel her problem is hers alone. Women scientists are then able to see their private problem in a broader, institutional context. An institutional problem can be changed when women mobilise and lobby for change, and women scientists themselves benefit directly.


The objective of communicating with all members of the scientific community, decision-makers and media is to sensitize them to gender issues. When this is achieved it will be possible to effectively open discussion on the gender dimension/bias in science.


The objective of communicating with young scientists is to orientate them in the EU research context and alert them to opportunities, increase awareness of their possibilities and enhance their skills.


The objective of communicating with the media is to improve gender sensitisation in order to reduce media stereotypes of scientists and to open the possibility for a wider diversity of voices and science issues in the media.


The objective of communicating with related projects is to create added value by synthesising activities, skills, networks and experience.


CEC-WYS key messages


Women and young scientists: your personal experiences such as the difficult demands of balancing family and professional spheres, and impact on your career development are not only the consequence of your personal choices, but also structurally embedded at institutional level.


Young Scientists: be confident, communicative, original and ethical. Make the most of potential funding/career development opportunities...but don't forget that its OK to have private life!


Scientific community and decision makers: the scientific community and science will benefit from equality of participation and elimination of gender bias in science


Science media: if science does not pay attention to equality and address science’s hidden discrimination and potential for discrimination, the scientific community and society at large will suffer as a consequence.



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Steering Committees and national project co-ordinators

Steering committees will be responsible for further utilisation of the project results in synch with National Contact Points and other responsible bodies in the national R&D environments. In addition they will

  • contact national gender or women’s NGOs and other relevant bodies to communicate the results and objectives of the project and to involve those particularly involved in activities aimed at gender sensitising school curricula and establish co-operation.

  • establish contacts, if not yet in place, with local media and prepare an assertive communication strategy toward the media. To this end, the project partners will decide on holding press conferences at national level where appropriate to communicate the results of the WP to the media and general public.

  • closely monitor policy developments at national level in areas relevant for the project and to be actively involved, where appropriate, with respect to these national developments

  • communicate particular activities developed in relation to the project at national levels, for instance workshops, seminars etc. concerning gender equality and mobility of young researchers in their respective countries

Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.