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Read here answers from some of the European awards wining young scientists to key questions about their research: long term goals, benefits that may result from their research, obstacles, opinion about the position of women and youth in science, personal preferences, and more.


After 371 years of history the oldest and most prestigious American university of Harvard has got a woman rector, namely Drew Faust, who replaced the former chancellor Lawrence Summers the earlier Minister of Treasury of USA.

Francesca Funiciello, European Young Investigator Award winner 2006

Dr. Francesca Funiciello won the 2006 EURYI Award with the project "Convergent margins and seismogenesis: defining the risk of great earthquakes by using statistical data and modelling". Francesca is a Geodynamic Modeler specialised in the study of the subduction process using laboratory, numerical and analytical models. She is currently a post doctoral fellow at the Department of Geology of the University “Roma TRE”.



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Igor Gornyi, European Young Investigator Award winner 2005

Dr. Igor Gornyi, Russian theoretical physicist, received the EURIY award for his research on quantum transport in nanostructures. His project aims at developing a coherent picture of electronic transport in lower-dimension structures. This is important for the rapidly growing field of nanotechnology, in particular in semiconductor nanoelectronics and in molecular electronics. Igor Gornyi set up his independent junior research group at the Institute for Theory of Condensed Matter at the University of Karlsruhe.



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Maria Pia Cosma, winner of Marie Curie Award 2005

Dr. Cosma, a Principal Investigator at Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples, Italy, won her prize for her research into molecular and cellular genetics.

"I believe that the Marie Curie award will contribute to increase my visibility in Europe. Since I am a Young Investigator, it is very important for the development of my carrier to have exchanges of ideas with scientists and with the people interested in science within Europe".



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Zoltan Nusser, European Young Investigator Award winner 2005

Dr. Zoltan Nusser, Head of the Laboratory of Cellular Neurophysiology at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest, Hungary, won a EURYI Award for his research project: Sensory information processing: understanding the neuronal representation of odours. "I would like to remain an experimental Neuroscientist who is leading a small, but hopefully effective and original research group. My current position seems to be ideally suited for this, as I can devote 100% of my time to pure research".


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Marian Zouhar, recent winner of the Young Researchers Prize awarded by the Slovak Academy of Science

Dr Marián Zouhar works as senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of Slovak Academy of Sciences; he is head of the Department of Analytic Philosophy and a lecturer at the Department of Logic and Methodology at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava.

"Above all, I am interested in some questions related with language:  how it is possible that the language expressions mean something?"


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