Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
Summer Schools for Young Scientists
Polish Academy of Science organizes two summer schools for young scientists.
  1. XXXV International School on the Physics of Semiconducting Compounds "Jaszowiec 2006",

    17-23June, 2006, Ustron - Jaszowiec. Accepting of applications has been concluded, 8 applications from Czech, 1 from Slovakia and 2 from Hungary have been submitted. More info at http://info.ifpan.edu.pl/Jaszowiec/

  2. Zakopane Conference on Nuclear Physics

    41st in series of "Zakopane School of Physics - Trends in Nuclear Physics", 4-10 September, 2006, Zakopane. Deadline for applications is June 30th. More info at http://zakopane2006.ifj.edu.pl/


Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.