Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
ENWISE Workshop on Young Scientists

"Personally, it was interesting to meet people form the eastern block and to get to know about their experience; all my life I have been rather oriented toward the western world. This put into perspective the western norms and values reminds me of where I come from."

 [female workshop participant, social and economic geography]


"I would never think of the things discussed at the workshop as profoundly if it were not for the workshop...This workshop was valuable for me because... I clarified my attitudes and now I have a firmer base.

[male workshop participant, physics]


"I appreciate the possibility to discuss specific problems of Eastern Europe in a group of people who have experienced the former political regime in these countries but have lived for a certain time in a Western European country. I am convinced that the gender problem has a different dimension in Eastern Europe and has to be analysed taking into account the realities in these countries."

[male workshop participant, mechanical engineering]


Date:      25th April 2003

Venue:   Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports CR, Prague, Czech Republic


The ENWISE (Enlarge Women in Science to East) workshop on young scientists was motivated by a concern to provide a forum for young people from Central and Eastern Europe to voice their concerns about the research profession.


The workshop was conceived of in light of the European Commission’s concern with addressing the issues of gender inequality in science, and mobility and knowledge sharing across a wider Europe, twin concerns motivated by the need to create a stronger, more efficient research community.


The current situation of women in science was documented by the ETAN report revealing alarming statistics and experiences of wasteful practice at institutional level in the scientific community. The ENWISE group then went on to address the situation of women in Central and Eastern Europe, revealing similarly shocking levels of hidden gender discrimination, but located in a specific politico-historical context.


The workshop brought together a male and female national from ten Central and Eastern European countries in order to shed light on commonalities and differences in the experiences of young scientists from a region with a shared political history, which remains a significant determinant in the practice of science in the region.


The report includes proceedings of the workshop and papers on the themes of the workshop.


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