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How do I navigate the CORDIS website and do not get lost?

Cordis is the European Union Community Research and Development Information Service.



Cordis allows you to:

  • Find calls and call related documents
  • Find running and finished projects from FP4 onwards
  • Register as expert
  • Learn more about FP7 and the European Research Area
  • Find partners or technologies of interest
  • Register for Cordis Alerts, such as Cordis Express, the weekly e-mail newsletter

If you seem to get lost on Cordis, read Cordis guidance at:



The simplest way is to start with 'Introduction to the Simple Search' and 'Quick search' on the above page.


An Advanced Search interface is available only to registered users of CORDIS (registration is free) and provides the user with more search options for more accurate results.

The principles for searching are the same as the simple search; basically, the simple search functionality has been incorporated into the advanced search.


The map-based search provides a simple graphic interface that allows a search to be made, for Partners or R&D Projects or R&D Results, on the basis of a geographic area defined by the user. It consists of a 'clickable' map, and a 'shopping basket'-type menu showing the list of selected countries and/or regions.


Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.