Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science

Women in Health in Europe

The European Institute of Women's Health is a non-governmental organisation working to make the health and well being of women a priority for the European Commission and Member States of the European Union.

Medical Women's International Association


European Association of Women and Health Research


National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP)

The National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) is an independent organisation within the profession and represents women in pharmacy. Its mission is to enable all women pharmacists to realise their full potential and raise their profile by being educationally, socially and politically active. Local branches of NAWP offer fellowship with other pharmacists who often share similar experiences of balancing time to meet family and professional commitments.omega replica watches
agricultural sciences
Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.