Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science

fFORTE initiative, Austria

fFORTE is an initiative launched by the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development and the Austrian Federal Ministries for Education, Science and Culture, for Transport, Innovation and Technology and for Economics and Labour. fFORTE is a comprehensive programme for the advancement of women in science and technology with a planned duration of five years. The objectives are to: * facilitate the access of women to science and technology education and training, * improve their opportunities to embark on and successfully pursue careers in science and technology, * facilitate women’s access to research funding and infrastructure, * sensitise key actors to gender issues, * provide for accompanying research and cross-disciplinary gender research. replica rolex

Znanost direct action for a knowledge-based society



Concerned with the responsible conduct of science, ethical supervision practices, collaborative working and effective communication of science, the Reflexives team delivers seminars to PhD students and thier supervisors, research teams and European project consortia.

European Professional Women's Network


National Contact Points

Each Member and Associated State has a network of National Contact Points responsible for different scientific fields according to Commission priorities.

Central and Eastern European Hub for Environment, Science, Technology and Health


Science Scotland


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Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science is a project funded by the European Commission
under Framework Programme 6 in the Structuring the ERA specific programme.