Central Europen Centre for Women and Youth in Science
Institutional and policy framework for gender equality and equal opportunities in the Slovak Republic


Parliament (National Council of SR)

  • Committee Human Rights, Nationalities and Status of Women 
  • Commission Equal Opportunities and Status of Women

In early 2003 the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, Nationalities and Status of Women, established the Commission for Equal Opportunities and Status of Women in Society. The outcome of intensive lobbying, this structure provides necessary first step in the process of shaping agendas, decision-making and policy outcomes in Parliament. Meetings are public and this provides a new „political space“ for citizens.


Slovak Government

  • Office of Government SR, Section for Human Rights

The Office has the legal mandate for Humane Rights and Anti-Discrimination.

  • Department of Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination

In The Social Inclusion Section MOLSAF - the only ministry with departmental capacity for equal opportunities (gender equality).

  • All Key Ministries 
  • Regional Self-Government 
  • Local Self-Government Independent Bodies

Independent bodies

  • Center for Human Rights 
  • NGOs 
  • Experts


Key documents 

  • National Action Plan for Women (1997) 
  • National Action Plan for Employment (2000) 
  • Concept on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (2001)


What is still needed?

  • Clarify mandates, institutional responsibilities and accountability 
  • Include regional and local self-government levels 
  • Developed communication and lobby strategies for raising awareness on the need for institutional and policy framework 
  • Independent Body to enforce legislation on equal treatment and anti-discrimination 
  • There is a need for information campaigns to inform public opinion on critical issues concerning gender equality and the need for combating discrimination in Slovak society 
  • Collaborative action is needed among groups in civil society for developing strategies for lobbying and influencing. Parliament’s agenda to support the process of establishing a policy framework for gender equality and anti-discrimination in Slovakia.

policy documents
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